Dorfler Violin Bow 10 4/4 Catolog item #IT6489

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Dorfler bows are hand crafted in Germany, using precious and exquisite materials in order to guarantee master performance and technical ability. Pernambuco wood is used predominantly in their workshops, as it constantly fulfils the demands of exact bending and greatest possible tension at the ideal weight. Simply for Strings’ team of professional players and teachers hand-select each bow to exacting criteria, including examining the hair, camber of the bow and the bow’s ability and sound across different techniques.

Please note, each bow is unique and handcrafted. Your new bow may look slightly different to the photograph used.


  • Size: 4/4
  • Good quality massaranduba stick
  • Octagonal
  • Ebony frog with split lining
  • Trimmed slide
  • Parisian eye
  • Three-part button with an eye
  • Nickel silver wire winding
  • Stamped "Werner" signature

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