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Olimpus Music Ltd. was founded in 1988. At this time local service and supply to musicians, both professionals and beginners, was very poor, and our objective was and still is to make sure to provide the best possible supply and efficient pre and after sales service to the local music community. We are 100% committed to this end, and our loyal clients can all vouch for this. Over the years Olimpus Music has grown to be the leader for supply and service of music instruments and professional audio in Malta.

We are focused on new technology and products to keep all our clients well served

Our client base includes all established local musicians as well as music students, DJs, both professional and home recording studios, TV and radio stations, music clubs, hotels, restaurants and pubs, houses of worship, audio rental companies and any other venue or company that needs to provide live music or amplified audio.

We stock a very vast and complete range of audio products and musical instruments

Our product list, imported from over 80 different world renown brands, includes Upright and Grand pianos, string instruments such as violins, cellos, and double bass, electronic pianos and keyboards, midi keyboards, DJ equipment, acoustic & electric guitars & basses and guitar amplifiers, wood-wind and brass instruments, harmonicas and accordions, all kinds of audio interfaces and digital audio products, audio mixers for live / studio applications and for DJ’s, all types of microphones, power amplifiers, loudspeakers for studios and for sound reinforcement, concert systems, acoustic and electronic drums and percussion, cymbals, and all kinds of audio accessories such as stands, cables, instrument cases, strings, guitar pick-ups, etc.

All our staff personnel are musicians

Who better to understand a musician’s needs than another musician? Our staff are also professionally trained in all the different aspects of analog and digital audio, and are fully committed to effectively provide the best possible service to our customers. We also do our best to keep up to date with all the new technological audio advances as they come up.


Olimpus Music LTD
VAT Number: 11861316MT
Company Registration: C17736