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The Yamaha reface YC Electric Combo Organ is a high-quality, versatile and compact electric organ featuring a 37-note mini-action keyboard and boasting 5 organ sounds using the innovative Organ Flutes Tone Generator; delivering rich, vintage style organ sounds, this mini keyboard is ideal for both stage and studio.

Legendary sound meets the generation of mobile musicians: With the reface Mobile Mini Keyboards, Yamaha introduces a small revolution. Based on legendary synthesizer models, the company presents four compact instruments, which play to their strengths on the road, on stage or even in the studio. reface is perfect for songwriters, sound designers, live performers and those looking for access to an instrument which allows them to react when inspiration strikes. The online collaboration with musicians around the globe via Yamaha’s ‘Soundmondo’ sound community and the easy connection to notebook, Apple iPhone and iPad are making the four models ideal for being creative together. Battery power and integrated stereo-speakers make the reface quartet ready to play at all times.

Rich, punchy sounds are its area of expertise: The reface YC offers additive synthesis paired with a unique power of expression using nine drawbars and virtual rotary speakers. The instrument combines five different models of organs, the sound is created using a special “Organ Flutes Tone Generator”. In addition to the possibility to carry around five organs in a single piece of hardware without breaking your back, the reface YC delivers the authentic spirit of playing an organ using the smallest user interface possible.


  • Electric Combo Organ
    37-Note HQ Mini-Action Keyboard
    5 Organ Models
    Organ Flutes Tone Generator

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