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Yamaha MB-8324 Catolog item #IT4986 !

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Yamaha 8300 Field-Corps Marching Bass Drums are made with a 7-ply maple shell that helps boost deep tones with a punchy and focused attack up front. They’re also far lighter than drums made out of hardwood. 45-degree bearing edges allow the heads to ring to their fullest capability.

A 24" drum is a solid middle voice for your bass line, working best in the 3rd or 4th position depending on how big your players are.

The sturdy hoops are made from 9-ply maple with rounded edges to give you consistent tuning that is uniform all the way around the drum. Wide-body claw hooks reduce stress on the tension rod itself so they won’t break under extreme stress, which also makes tuning easier!

The lightweight die-cast lugs have an arch-shaped center that decrease the amount of lug-to-shell surface contact, letting the shell breather and vibrate longer. These lugs are 26% lighter and 60% stronger than 8200 series lugs.

Thick 5.4mm steel tension rods can handle being cranked to the sky without adding any significant weight to the drum.


  • 7-Ply Maple Shell
  • 45-Degree Bearing Edges
  • 9-Ply Maple Hoop
  • Wide-Body Claw Hooks
  • Lightweight Die-Cast Arch Lugs
  • 5.4mm Steel Tension Rods

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