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The Radial JDX Phantom Active DI Box is the next generation version of the popular JDX Reactor amplifier DI.

The original JDX, when first released, rapidly gained popularity thanks to its natural, consistent tone. Delivery a guitar tone that players love. The only questions asked were whether or not the DI box could be powered with standard 48V phantom power, as the 15V power supply would often lead to technicians to operate through a number of different power outlets. With the JDX Phantom, users are offered the same Class A circuitry with all of the exceptional tone in tact with just the use of 48V phantom power.

The JDX Phantom’s design begins with the same 100% discrete class-A circuitry and transformer-coupled reactive load found on the original. This captures both the sound from the amp head along with the back electromagnetic impulse from the loudspeaker. This produces a more realistic rendering than the usual resistive pad offered by other manufacturers. This signal is then processed via a carefully designed multi-stage filter to emulate the tone of a 4×12 half-stack cabinet when used with guitar, or an 8×10 cabinet when used with bass.

The JDX Phantom now also includes a Bass Extension switch for increased bottom end when desired, and a 100w/300w switch to change the input capability.

The ability to use 48 volt phantom, higher power amplifiers, and add a low frequency extension to the voicing makes the new JDX even more versatile than before.


  • Class A Circuitry at 48V Phantom power
  • Bass extension switch for increased bottom end
  • 100w / 300w switch to change input capability

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