Five Things You Need To Know When Buying A Digital Piano

15th June 2018

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Being a musician implies making a lot of commitments and sacrifices for your career. If you have just started a music career, it is a must to know the implications. As a beginner, there are plenty of things to consider, especially those which take into account the instrument you use. When purchasing a digital piano, for instance, you should think about its features and also about the budget you are willing to spend, Unfortunately, not many people do their research before choosing a product. After learning the difference between an acoustic piano and a digital piano, you should learn what features to search for. Firstly, pay attention to the feel and the quality of its sound. In an acoustic piano Keys, hammers, and strings are the parts responsible for the production of sounds. Digital pianos do not have these components and they use samples instead. On DigitalPianoExpert you will be able to learn everything you need to know about digital pianos. You will find articles about the best products on the market, guides on how to choose your piano, the perfect headphones and much more. Make sure you do your research properly.

1. Pedals

When searching for a keyboard or digital piano, you have to make sure it has pedals. The piano should feature a pedal called a sustain pedal. Without one, it will be impossible to play in modern styles. Pay attention to all the details before paying up. There might be missing features that will challenge your ability to play, causing you to have bad performances.

2. Many Features or Fewer Features?

After seeing all kinds of models, you will be tempted to choose one that has a lot of buttons and features. First, think about what you need. Then, think about the budget and only after that you will be able to decide whether all those lights and instrument sounds are useful or not. Keep in mind that extras will add up to the initial price of the digital piano. Most of the time you might be using the piano on an acoustic setting. Sometimes you may also use it for electric bass, acoustic bass, acoustic nylon string guitar, jazz organ, and electronic piano, depending on the music you play.

3. Weighted Keys

On any digital piano, you would want the key press to feel as closely as possible to the ones of an acoustic piano even it lacks hammers and strings. In order to imitate this feel, manufacturers utilize weighted action. Therefore, this function is able to make the keys feel more like an acoustic piano. If a keyboard or digital piano do not have weighted action on the keys, the musical instrument will sound more like an organ. Therefore, pay attention to this feature before you purchase the piano.

4. Standard Width Keys

In order to improve your performance, make sure the digital piano features standard size keys. Do not be tricked into buying affordable “toy like” keyboards. You won’t be able to play any other piano once you learn how to play on that small version. Those keyboards have narrower keys compared to a digital piano. A digital piano with standard size keys usually measure 23 mm in width.

5. Choose an 88-Key Digital Piano

Modern acoustic pianos have 36 black keys and 52 white ones. Specialists advise you to choose this type of piano since it will allow you to play every style you want. At the beginning, you might not play notes way below or above the middle staff. However, you may play higher and lower notes compared to most beginners who maybe take classical lessons. It is best if you do not buy a digital piano with less than five full octaves.

Making sure you choose what’s best means to rely on professionals’ advice. If you are at the beginning, the digital piano should not have plenty of extra features. Also, consider purchasing some suitable headphones that can help you practice quietly, without disturbing others. Furthermore, make some measurements to see whether the musical instrument fits into your apartment. Work hard and practice every day in order to become one of the best piano players.

Jason Antoon is a personal Music Teacher for adults and children. He runs DigitalPianoExperts, one of the best online resources for digital pianos reviews and tips. Jason has a Keyboard Performance Certificate from California College of Music.