Job Title: Sales Person for the Brass and Orchestral section.

  • Are you passionate about presenting and selling music related equipment to our potential customers ?
  • How would you like living and working in the sphere of Music ?
  • Do you have drive, vision and talent to take care of your own section in our store and live the thrill of seeing it grow to your limits ?
  • Would you like be part of our team in the largest and most successful music store in Malta ?
  • Would you like to have the honor of introducing, promoting and selling new innovative products in this sector ?

Reports to:

The Sales Person Brass and Orchestral section will report to the assistant Manager Sales and Customer support and / or to the General Manager

Job Overview:

  • You will be on our front-end field representative for our Brass and Orchestral, and will help our customers choose the right products for his/her needs.
  • Your contribution towards our enterprise has a vital role in overall business growth. Your success is our success, our success is yours.
  • Through your knowledge and skills, you will provide complete and appropriate solutions both immediately and aftersales, for every customer purchases needs as well as help them resolve issues they thought were a lost cause or impossible to solve.
  • Present, promote and sell products using solid arguments.
  • Continuously improve through feedback.
  • Maintain a friendly but professional relationship with our customers, and making sure we are always well equipped with an array of solutions for their requirements.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Taking ownership of your Job and duties and always striving towards growth.
  • Making sure to maintain a pleasant working atmosphere as well as a very healthy team ambience and in doing so abiding to our work ethics and policies.
  • Always offering your services at full potential and with utmost priority to selling our products to our customers.
  • Priority always given to customers physically in our shop.
  • Answering all emails and telephone calls related to your section, and keeping in touch with our customers in regards to sales, product support, quotation requests , software related support, guarantee issues ,or any other similar queries.
  • Offering hands on support related ONLY to the products we sell.
  • Time management and organisational skills.
  • Keeping your section’s products and displays continuously up to date and in an orderly manner.
  • Keeping your stock levels in a healthy status.
  • Propose any new brands or products upon which you have performed a sound research and believe strongly that these new products should help us to obtain potential growth
  • Keeping yourself focused on your section, and not that of others.
  • Keeping yourself continuously up to date with the products you sell as well as other products on the market and always open to training.
  • Be ready for in house cross training / section reserve ( You will have a reserve section where you will be cross trained in, and vice versa )


  • A sound knowledge of all the sections’ and sub sections’ products.
  • Willingness to receive training, train others, or train oneself to keep updated with the current products on the market.
  • Sound salesmanship skills and the full willingness to get trained further in the subject.
  • Fluency of the Maltese and English Language.
  • Basic Italian will also be considered as helpful but not a must.
  • Good communication skills.

A good working knowledge of Guitars and Studio equipment will be considered preferential

Please send your CV to robert@olimpusmusic.com with the subject “CV for Brass and Orchestral section”