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The Voco-Loco combines a microphone preamp with a guitar pedal effects loop, allowing a lead vocalist, sax or trumpet player to add guitar pedals to their audio signal path just like an electric guitarist adds effects for soloing. Simply plug your mic into the Voco-Loco via the XLR input, connect your effects pedals using standard ¼” guitar cables, and then send the output from the Voco-Loco to the input on your mixer. Now with the touch of a footswitch you can add your favorite delay, reverb, distortion or wah-wah to any mic’d up instrument or vocal – the options are only limited by your imagination.


  • For vocals or instruments
    By way of an effects loop, enables you to incorporate guitar FX pedals into the signal path
    Adjustable Dry / Wet
    Adjustable Send and Return
    Adjustable Low / High EQ
    Mute button
    Loop Wet / Dry button
    48 V Phantom power
    XLR In / Out
    Jack In / Out
    Incl. external power supply

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