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The Warm Audio TB 12 Tone Beast Microphone Preamp is a microphone preamp that sounds better when it is pushed to its limit, hence the name Tone Beast, and is a great mic preamp that can be used with instruments as well.

The TB 12 Tone Beast contains two selectable CineMag transformers, one being made of 100% steel and the other 50% nickel. The 100% steel transformer will colour the signal slightly more than the 50% nickel, but both are meant to give a certain character to the audio signal.

The TB 12 Tone Beast also has two selectable Op Amps, namely the x731 and x18. The x731 Op Amp breaks up faster and will provide more colour when pushed really hard, whereas the x18 is more linear or clean and does not break up or saturate very quickly. Use the x18 Op Amp with the transformer bypassed if you are looking for a clean and characterless signal.

The TB 12 Tone Beast is designed to be customisable with the Op Amps being easily swopped out with other Op Amps internally. There is limiting on the output control of the TB 12, which means you can really push your gain levels to the max. The TB 12 Tone Beast is meant to be pushed really hard and users will find that its character sound will usually be achieved once it has been pushed to the limit, making it a great choice not only for microphones, but also for guitars, bass or other signals that need some grit.


  • Discrete 312 preamp with CineMag transformers
  • 71dB of gain
  • Selectable 100% or 50% transformers
  • Transformer bypass switch
  • Discrete Op Amps, can be replaced with other Op Amps
  • Impedance labeled TONE allows for 150 - 600 Ohm input impedance
  • 80Hz hipass filter
  • Polarity reverse
  • +48V Phantom power
  • Output attenuation allowing for saturation
  • ¼” jack insert for inline compressors, EQs etc
  • XLR mic input on front and back
  • TRS jack line input
  • ¼” jack instrument inputs
  • XLR and TRS jack outputs
  • -20dB pad
  • LED vu meter
  • 19” rackmountable
  • External 24V AC power

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