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Shadow SH PFA-W PanaFlex Catolog item #IT0406 !

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The new stereophonic Panaflex pickup allowed totally new sound dimensions. The sound of the strings E, A.. bis E are distributed from left to right. The panorama control adjust the width of the stereo impression. You can add reverb effects to the treble strings where the bass strings are without effects. Secondary you can control the sound with a combined bass/treble control (B/T) for the treble AND the bass strings. The last control is to adjust the volume.


  • Stereo Sound delivered by the new Stereo-Panaflex pickup
  • 4 Controls to adjust Volume, Panorama, BT-B and BT-B
  • Automatic Chromatic Tuner
  • Lightweight LI-ION battery. Up to 5h playing with one charge
  • Automatic frequency-hopping-system for perfect wireless operation

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