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The Electro-Voice SB2A is a dual-channel powered 12″ subwoofer that eliminates the need for external system processing and amplification, and addresses the demand for lightweight, high-performance, portable sound systems. The SB2A features dual, 350-watt amplifiers, and switchable, powered speaker output that can drive either an external, eight-Ohm, passive subwoofer or full-range loudspeaker. The SB2A is a supremely versatile and compact “sub system drive” solution that can easily be configured with a variety of loudspeakers for a multitude of sound reinforcement applications.

The SB2A can function in many different set-ups: with a ZX1-90; as a standalone PA that fits in the front seat of your car; in clusters with SX100/300; with a passive SB122; as a lightweight sub extension replacement for bulky, 15″ two-way systems (two 16 kg packages vs. one 40 kg package); or with an additional powered top box (such as the SXA100+).

The SB2A shares the same durable, injection-molded enclosure as the popular, passive, EV SB122 subwoofer. Both utilize the EV S12S woofer, designed from the ground up for optimized performance within this small footprint enclosure.

Combining the amazing low-frequency performance of an Electro-Voice SB122 passive subwoofer with dual high-efficiency 350-watt amplifier channels and a dedicated electronic crossover/processor, the SB2A eliminates the need for a separate amplifier and crossover to drive a full-range system. The second amplifier channel has a switchable high pass filter to allow either a passive full-range system (Zx1, Sx300) or passive subwoofer (SB122) to be connected via the Neutrik NL4 output. A line level XLR output is also provided for daisy-chaining to powered speakers or additional power amps. The SB2A signal processing provides a carefully tuned overlap to help round out the lower mids of the full-range system, creating a big full sound from a very small package. Like the SB122, the SB2A features a convenient pole-mount socket on top of the enclosure to allow a small full-range speaker like the Zx1 or Sx80 to be mounted on the optional ASP-1 accessory pole. The result is a compact, self-contained 3-way bi-amp system that sounds much bigger than it looks.


  • Very compact and lightweight—only 35.3 lb./16.0 kg Integral handle Two digital power amplifiers 350W dedicated LF, 350W switchable Neutrik Speakon high current output connector Cast frame EVS12SB 12" high-excursion Subwoofer driver

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