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The SB-4 Piezo Stagebug is a DI-box that has been especially designed for instruments with Piezo pickups. Piezo pickups are famous for their very sharp and edgy sound if the incorrect charge is applied. The SB-4 is optimized with 10MOhm input impedance, which simultaneously dampens the dynamic and the frequency response producing a warmer and more natural sound.

Additionally, the SB-4 features a high-pass filter which smoothly filters the basses that like to produce resonant feedback so often a problem with Piezo pickups. This makes the SB-4 exceptionally suited for the recording of violins, mandolins, double basses and for high-end guitars where the use of active amplification electronics would be undesirable.


  • DI Box designed for Piezo pickups 10MOhm input impedance for warmer, natural sound High-pass filter for feedback control Perfect for Violins, Mandolins etc Orchestral DI

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