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The Push 2 USB MIDI Pad Controller is an expressive instrument that enables you to make music with your hands that also translates seamlessly to live settings. This symbiotic pairing ensures your creations are brought to life – make beats, notes, and see it all come to fruition on a modern computer screen.

Mega Beats

A huge and varied selection of drum sounds can be accessed on Push by both preview and download. There are 64 velocity-sensitive pads that play in real time as well as eight touch-sensitive rotary encoders. In addition you can customise velocity and parameter values, as well as accents for each pad.

Notes & Chords

Each sensitivity pad corresponds to a certain pitch. Allow your fingers to walk around –trapeze in the glory, dance into the musical night! Play melodies and harmonies – become a musical wizard! Try out the root note and scale button, use the touch strip sensor for pitch bend and mod wheel controller, it’s all there for you to create with. Push has a step sequencer, enter notes and chords, it’s a great user friendly device and so easy to use. The input of automation is possible in the step sequencer too; record the desired value of a parameter for each step and create rhythmically precise parameter changes are linked to specific notes in the loop.

Sample Crazy

By selecting one of three modes, samples can be accessed easily and comfortably, depending on the sample type and desired style of play. Each pad has character; Slice Mode is perfect for the re-arrangement of loops in real time or to the creation of drum kits from recorded grooves. Classic Mode gives you direct access to attack, decay, and sustain enabling you to release your samples and playback start/end and other loop parameters. Mode samples are mono and will always ring out; no matter how long the pads are pressed down for – perfect when triggering drums.

Elegant and Beautiful with a Sprinkle of Intuition

Push is a real charmer. Everything both internally and externally has been carefully crafted on Push – it’s a mystery machine full of dynamic joy. It’s an intuitive unit that you bring your music to life – you will never look back once your fingers have brushed across the Push. The elegant and captivating screen display show exactly what you need. Watch as the screen comes alive – the creative flow will never ebb, you will become Push and Push will become a part of you and your musical landscape. The pads on Push have been carefully re-designed so more that more sensitivity and responsiveness has been added – Push has a heart and will adapt to every musician’s wish. The new Push Touch creates ideal conditions for developing playful beats and melodies. Push will feel at home in both studio and stage settings; your performance maters and Push will value this.

Combined with Live 9.5

Push lets you start clips and scenes, edit instruments and effect parameters and works perfectly as a mixer channel. Ableton Live software enables you to work comfortably in computer mode, supporting your creative processes.


  • Hardware tool for direct, intuitive music-making with Ableton Live 9.5
    Beats, notes, chords and automation play or enter gradually
    New sampling workflows: Samples part, play and manipulate
    The high-resolution RGB display is bright and clear at any viewing angle and under any lighting
    17cm touch strip for pitch bend/scrolling
    31 LEDs for navigation
    8 touch-sensitive rotary encoder for control of mixer, instruments and effects, as well as from Live's Browser navigation
    Clip Launch mode for performance and real-time recording Arrangement
    External Power: 12V DC 1.25A
    USB Power: 5V/0.5A
    Two pedal inputs
    Dimensions (W x D x H): 378 x 304 x 26mm

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