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Mooer PreAMP 017 Cali-MK IV Catolog item #IT12988

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The ultimate in compact and versatile Californian combos comes to the MOOER MICRO PREAMP range. CALI MK IV re-creates 2 channels from one of the most famous modern-day session player combos. The clean channel is shimmering and bouncy and the gain channel can achieve purring blues tones, grinding crunch and soaring lead sounds.


  • Mesa Boogie Mark IV Emulation: Replicates the distinctive tones of the Mesa Boogie Mark IV amplifier, known for its versatile high-gain sounds.
    Dual Channels: Offers flexibility with two distinct channels, allowing seamless transitions between clean and overdriven tones.
    Three-Band EQ: Equipped with a responsive three-band EQ for precise control over bass, mid, and treble frequencies, enabling detailed tone shaping.
    Compact Design: Space-efficient pedal designed for pedalboard-friendly integration, suitable for musicians seeking portability without compromising on tone.
    Authentic Amp-Like Response: Delivers a genuine and dynamic amp-like playing experience, capturing the nuances of the original Mesa Boogie Mark IV amplifier.

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