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To create the incredible sounds of the award winning JMD:1 we partnered up with audio software experts Softube, utilising their groundbreaking, patented Natural Harmonics Technology. The JMD:1 took two years of intense R&D to come to fruition.
JDM:1 wasn’t a general modelling amp. The only amp tones that were emulated were Marshall; 16 very different sounding, programmable preamp options taken from the Marshall historic model library. For example: Clean 3 was based on the JMP-1, Overdrive 11 was based on a Bluesbreaker pedal plugged into a JCM800, and Lead 15 was based on a Bluesbreaker pedal, plugged into a DSL100.
General modelling amps had been around for the best part of a decade and were ten-a-penny. These units were popular at the lower end of the price spectrum and hearing one actually used as a professional touring rig or on an album was rare. Enter the JDM:1 Series; professional amplifiers that combined fabulous versatility and digital FX, with stunning Marshall tone.
The JMD102 was a 100 Watt 2 x 12″combo with four channels, a single ECC83 preamp valve, four EL34s in the power stage, and studio quality digital FX, which included: chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo; a highly responsive noise gate; analogue, tape, hi-fi and multi delays, reverb, with 16 different preamp options and 128 memory locations.


  • Power rating: 100W
  • Preamp: Digital Natural Harmonic Technology
  • Poweramp tubes: 4 x EL34
  • 2 - 12" Eminence AX75 speakers
  • Preamp topologies: 16
  • Modulation effects: Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo
  • Delay effects: Hi-Fi Analogue, Tape, Multi
  • Tap tempo control
  • Reverb: Independent custom voiced
  • Midi Control: Midi in, Midi Thru
  • Stompware controller: supplied
  • Emulated line out: XLR
  • Headphone out: 1/4" jack
  • Line in: 1/4" jack
  • Preamp: 1/4" jack
  • Effects loop: Serial / Parallel -10dBV / +4dB with mix control
  • Speaker output: 1x16 Ohm, 1x8 Ohm, 2x 16 Ohm

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