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Yamaha C6X Polished Ebony Catolog item #0000000151924 !

RRP: €52,823.00 Our price: €44,899.00 inc vat ?


The Yamaha CX6 is a force to be reckoned with. This absolutely, superb instrument, combines quality and scale, providing an almost unbeatable sound. The 7′ case means that the acoustic chamber is capable of highlighting every subtlety in your style of play. The hammers – adapted from those used in the flagship CFX concert grand piano – in combination with the redesigned soundboard result in an unbeatable elegance.


  • Finish: Polished Ebony Height: 102cm (3'5") Width: 154cm (5'1") Length: 212cm (7') Weight: 405kg (893lbs) Number of keys: 88 Number of pedals: 3

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