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Hohner Bravo II 48 Red Catolog item #IT1686 !

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The Hohner Bravo II 48 Black Silent Key is an ideal introduction to the world of accordions for students and beginners. With a rugged design and a high degree of versatility, the Bravo Series of accordions offers features typically only available in premium instruments.

The most advanced characteristic of this accordion is the incorporation of the T-keyboard mechanism that enables an incredible level of playability and comfort. The Bravo II 48 features a redesigned treble grille that appeals through its contemporary design and aesthetics. The inclusion of SILENTKEY minimises that annoying key noise by thanks to improved keyboard mounting.

Along with new register switches that facilitate security and comfort when shifting between registers, the Bravo II 48 contains an anodised bass mechanism that ensures a high degree of wear-free finger-slider operation.

The Bravo II 48 is a lightweight instrument at just 4.9kg, making it ideal for young students and beginners. With a chromatic class and two voices, this accordion has 26 piano keys and comes with straps and a gig bag for ease of play at shows and transport to and from them.


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