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Shure BLX14E – H8E Catolog item #0000000150231 !

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PG Guitar Series, UHF Wireless-System with BLX1 pocket transmitter, up to 3 Systems parallel, Pilottone, antenna-Diversity, Quick-Scan to find free frequencies, pocket transmitter with 4 Pin TQG connector, receiver with plastic housing, internal antennas, XLR- and Jack outputs, Audio Status-LEDs, frequencyr ange T11 863 – 865 MHz, incl. WA302 Guitar Cable


  • PG Guitar Series BLX1 Pocket transmitter Up to 7 systems simultaneously Pilot tone Microprocessor-controlled antenna diversity Quick-Scan function for free frequency detection Bodypack with 4-pin TQG connector Plastic receiver Integrated antennae XLR and jack outputs Audio status LEDs

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