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The Series 1000 xylophones use Pao Rosa wood, and the bars may vary in color simply due to the differences in the tree the wood was sourced from. Mushc like hardwood flooring, you will see wide variations in color among the same wood species. The Studio 49 factory spends time matching the bars into sets with complementary color, but the very nature of the wood dictates there will be a range of color when a number of xylophones are set out side by side.


  • Sound bars from Pao Rosa, incl. F#- and Bb- sound bars
  • Resonator box from high-quality pinewood
  • Multiple resonance chambers for a good sound
  • Especially compact design with integrated handle
  • Textile coated bar supports for lasting durability
  • Range: C1 - A2
  • 16 Bars, in the format 32 x 18 mm
  • Includes 2 CS 44 mallets

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