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The Steinberg Dorico Next Generation Music Notation and Scoring Software is an application aimed at professional musicians and is equivalent to the finest music engraving and file management systems through Steinberg’s award-winning audio engine. Dorico has been created from scratch in collaboration with musicians and software designers to take advantage of modern multi-core 64-Bit CPUs and the added processing power they offer. The dynamic Interface is as uncluttered as possible, allowing users to more easily concentrate on their workflow without unnecessary distraction. Dorico is as at home on a single laptop screen as it is on multi-screen studio setups, and can easily adapt as the situation dictates. The five working modes – Setup, Write, Engrave, Play, Play and Print – can be quickly chosen between at any moment, and can be left open in different windows for multi-tasking.

The engraving aspect of Dorico deserves a special mention, as it may be the most advanced digital notation tool currently available. The writer has complete freedom in page layout and can therefore tailor a working environment that perfectly suits them. The automatic engraving engine allows scripture to be written much closer together than other programs, without sacrificing clarity – items are automatically tucked or kerned against each other to avoid the rhythmic distortion that disturbs the flow of the music. The final piece will be perfectly balanced and optimised for easy reading.

Dorico’s audio engine uses the same world-class technology that can be found in both Cubase and Nuendo – crystal clear 32-Bit floating-point resolution in 192 kHz sample rate. Support for all VST 3 virtual instruments and effects comes as standard, and included with the package are the HALion sample engine and Channel Strip modules, so Compression/Limiting on each channel is accounted for.

There are many options available in Dorico that are unavailable elsewhere, for example Jazz Articulations, Rhythm Slashes and Fingering notation. There is also support for 3rd party virtual instruments to be employed during playback. In short Dorico looks set to become an indispensable staple in the world of written music, professional playing and education.


  • User Defined Page Layouts
  • Easily Interchangeable and Multi-Tasking Modes
  • Advanced Note Input Tools
  • Alphabetic Input
  • Step Input via MIDI Keyboards
  • Accidentals and Key Signatures
  • Articulations and Dynamics
  • Bar Numbers and Lyric Lines
  • Time Signature and Meter
  • Page Setup and Layout
  • Cubase and Nuendo 32-Bit Floating Point Audio Engine
  • Hundreds of Built-In Instruments
  • HALion Sonic SE 2 Sampler Workstation Instrument
  • HALion Symphonic Orchestra Library
  • Support for 3rd Party VST 3 Plug-Ins
  • Audio Mixer
  • MusicXML, WAV, MP3 and MIDI File Formats

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