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Paiste cymbals have amazed the drumming world for over 100 years with their clarity, rich voice, and remarkable sustain — not to mention their handcrafted quality. The Paiste 900 Series 14″ Sound Edge Hi-hats carry on that tradition with the wide-ranging voice, defined chick, and responsive feel that many drummers are looking for in their hats. The Sound Edge difference is due to the extra pneumatic hammering along the edge of the bottom cymbal; this yields greater articulation between the top and bottom cymbals. Around their glimmering hand-turned bells, across their pneumatically and hand-hammered bows, and along their hand-trued edges, the Paiste 900 Series 14″ Sound Edge Hi-hats will respond to your touch with a lively intensity and a crisp stick sound. The 900 Series 14″ Sound Edge Hi-hats consist of medium-weight top and bottom cymbals that generate a sharp, cutting sound with medium to loud volume. These hats will ring on with a medium to long sustain that is suitable for precise playing in a variety of styles.


  • Manufactured to the high standards that have maintained Paiste's popularity for over 100 years
    Medium-weight top and bottom cymbals produce medium to loud volume
    Hand-trued edges and hand-hammered bow emit medium bright, sharp tones and a defined chick
    Sharp, cutting sound with medium to long sustain; suitable for precise playing in a variety of styles

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