New Stuff from Namm 2017, the Yamaha Rydeen!

1st February 2017

Fresh out of Namm 2017, Yamaha is celebrating 50 years of drum making with their new Rydeen drumkit

The design concept was to create an entry level drum set that retained Yamaha’s renowned durability and capability at its heart. Fitted with 6-ply Philippine mahogany shells feature Yamaha’s proprietary Air Seal System with diagonal seams. This ensures optimal roundness and enhances the inherent characteristics of the wood.

Accompanying the Rydeen series drums is a set of genuine Yamaha HW680W Hardware set. Durability and flexibility make Yamaha Hardware second-to-none for touring professionals in every corner of the globe.

The quality and thought that went into this kit is nothing one would expect from an entry level drumkit and is everything one is to expect from Yamaha Music

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