Music Festivals : A Bonding Experience

13th February 2018
Music Festivals : A Bonding Experience

There are experiences in life which are hard to describe. Moments for which no words exist that do them justice. Attending a live music concert or festival is one of them.

There is something indescribable about being at a live music venue that brings us closer together, and we don’t mean because you are stuck in the middle of a crowd between two sweaty men.


We’ve all seen the wave of people moving in synchrony from an aerial camera at a festival, as though in a trance. According to research, music helps synchronise our bodies and brains. Listening to music and singing together has been proven to directly impact neurochemicals in our brains, many of which play a part in creating a feeling of closeness and being connected, through the release of endorphins. Researchers believe that it is the rhythm in music that makes us coordinate body movements, and studies show that coordinating movement through music increases our sense of unity.

Not to mention that magical something that happens when the hundreds of people around you are singing along to the lyrics of your favourite song at the top of their voices. Music augments social relationships. You are around people when they are at their freest. Their eyes are closed and they are totally lost in the music and moment, and not much comes close to that kind of powerful.

Music Festivals : A Bonding Experience

The Festival Experience

That being said, music can’t take full credit for festival bonding. Long after the monstrous speakers and audio equipment have been turned off or dismantled, hours are spent with other nocturnal festivalgoers.

That is when the silent (and sometimes not-so-silent) discos start. And it is during these after-hour moments that bonding continues, …especially when everyone is still on a high after an epic day of music. It is for this very reason many attendees opt to immerse themselves in the complete festival experience by camping at designated festival camping sites.

Get lost in the music together with people you have never met, and probably never will again. So next time you’re at a concert or music festival, just hug the stranger standing next to you. It is probably the only place appropriate to do so.

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