What Happened to These One-Hit-Wonder Artists? – Part 2

20th November 2017
What Happened to These One-Hit-Wonder Artists? - Part 2

A one-hit-wonder is an artist or a band that achieves mainstream popularity for a very short period of time and then disappears from the scene, leaving their short-lived success as a memory.

We can all name a few at the tops of our heads, but no one really knows where they are today. In part 1, we mentioned a few one-hit-wonder artists and gave a recap of where they are today and in this segment, we plan on doing the same thing.

4 Non Blondes – What’s Up? (#2 in 1993)

Back in ’93, lead singer Linda Perry had the world screaming “hey, hey, hey…” along with her. The band split in 1994 and never completed their second album. Perry went on to become a solo artist and has since produced and written tracks for artists such as Pink, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera.

House of Pain – Jump Around (Top 10 in 1992)

The Irish-American rap crew made the nation jump up and down in the early 90s with this well-known anthem. Pain’s follow-up album was unable to reach the charts which lead them to split in 1996. They did, however, have a one-off regroup in 2009.

Billy Ray Cyrus – Achy Breaky Heart (#3 in 1992)

You couldn’t resist singing along with the mullet-sporting, country boy Billy Ray in ’92. Billy Ray enjoyed huge success as a country music star and in 2005, he co-starred in the Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana, with his daughter and appeared on Dancing With The Stars, which kick-started his comeback career.

Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U (#1 in 1990)

The chart-topping song, written by Prince, sent Sinead to international fame after the memorable video, consisting of her shaved head on a black backdrop, hit MTV. After her controversial appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1992, where she tore up a picture of the Pope and accused the Roman Catholic Church of child abuse, she moved back to Dublin. She then retired from pop music, trained as a priest, came out as bisexual, and now continues to record music.

Ice, Ice, Baby took the world by storm in 1989 when he sold over eleven million copies of his debut album, had an eight-month affair with Madonna and featured in racy pictures in her infamous SEX book. However, he never matched the success of his first single and by ’94 he disappeared from the spotlight, grew his hair into dreadlocks and found himself tangled in hard drugs. In 2008 he got clean and signed a record deal, releasing an album of covers. Ice refuses to quit and tweeted this year that he’ll be releasing another album soon.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this second segment filled with blasts from the past! If we’ve missed out on any of your favourite one-hit-wonder singers, feel free to give us your feedback!

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