A Beginner’s Guide to Home Recording Studio Equipment – Part 2

11th December 2017
A Beginner's Guide to Home Recording Studio Equipment - Part 2

In the first segment of this topic, we mentioned how building a home recording studio isn’t as big of a chore as one might think. It actually only takes 9 essential pieces of equipment. We mentioned five in our first segment and now we’re back with the next four.

1. Digital audio workstation

The choice of digital audio workstation (DAW) might be the most important choice you make, in terms of keeping the creativity alive in your home recording studio. In layman’s terms, a DAW is the software environment where all the editing and recording happens. There are so many different types of software so if in doubt, try out the demo versions first. Ultimately, you want a DAW you can operate without having to second guess things.

2. Controller

In order to control sounds within your DAW, you’ll need some sort of controller interface such as a keyboard or an array of pads. Ultimately, you want something which is easy to use, integrates well with your DAW and gives the result that you’ve envisioned for your home recording studio.

3. Software instruments

This is where the list of possibilities becomes infinite. Although most DAWs come loaded with samplers, effects, and other virtual instruments there are plenty of downloadable sounds online. There are many inexpensive software instruments available that sound as good as expensive pieces of hardware.

4. Hardware instruments

That brings us on to the last item on the list. This consists of electronic and traditional sound makers alike. Beginners should consider starting off with older-model keyboards, such as Yamaha. YouTube is full of demos, tutorials and reviews.

The topic of home recording is huge and can’t possibly be mastered in one day. There are plenty of sources online with tips and tricks to building your own home studio.

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