The Greatest Musical Artists From the 1950s

19th April 2017
The Greatest Musical Artists From the 1950s

There’s no denying that the 50s were a big and important decade in the world of music – the age when rock’n’roll, doo wop, swing, pop, rhythm and blues, country, and rockabilly took over the music industry and changed the world. To honour this pivotal decade, here is some information about 3 of the best and most influential musical artists from the 1950s:

1. Elvis Presley
Mr Presley is aptly known as The King of Rock and Roll, but it’s safe to say that he’s also King of the 50s. Best known for his cool style, great looks, awesome dance moves, incredible voice, and of course, his amazing songs, Elvis is still considered to be one of the greatest musical artists to ever grace our planet. Some of his best hits include “Jailhouse Rock”, “Hound Dog”, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, “Blue Suede Shoes, and “A Little Less Conversation”.

2. Ray Charles
Known to his friends and fellow musicians as Brother Ray and often referred to as The Genius, Ray Charles is not only considered to be one of the greatest musical artists from the 1950s, but also one of the most influential. Having lost his sight completely by the age of 7, he was encouraged by his mother to turn to music. He persevered and learned to play several instruments and by the age of 15, was already touring the US. Some of his best songs include “Hit the Road Jack”, “What’d I Say”, and his rendition of “Georgia On My Mind”.

3. Chuck Berry
Many are still mourning the recent death (18th March 2017) of this musical legend, who is also referred to as The Father of Rock’n’Roll. Chuck Berry is considered to be one of the pioneers of rock music, with thanks to his great music, unique voice, and incredible guitar skills. Some of his best songs include “Johnnie B. Goode”, “My Ding-A-Ling”, “Sweet Little Sixteen”, and “Roll Over Beethoven”.

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