How to get better at playing guitar (and get better at learning anything)

7th January 2020

You’ve got your guitar in the rock-out position. Your bad-ass pick at the ready. Amp and gain to the max, then strum, and bam, Wonderwall again…more like brick wall.

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s the Oasis classic or another tired-out tune, every guitar player has found themselves playing the same thing on loop, feeling stuck, and left wondering how to get better at playing guitar.

Fortunately, by simply adding a few new behaviours to your guitar playing, you’ll develop habits that will set you on the path to guitar greatness.

Make a list of songs and techniques you find difficult to play. Plan your practice sessions and lay out your implementation intentions. Work on getting into the flow state. And not only will your guitar playing and enjoyment improve, but your learning in any number of disciplines.


Before we get into how you can get better, just stop for a moment and appreciate that learning to guitar playing is incredibly difficult. It takes years of practice and many people seeks the help of a guitar teacher for some guitar lessons. Even the pros were once where you are now and needed help getting to the next level.

It can help to see how well others learning the same song are doing online through social media by using Guitar Scout

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