4th April 2018

Ever wondered why musical education is mandatory in most schools and why in some countries, all teachers must know how to play a musical instrument?

The reason behind this is the unique, almost magical influence of music on our minds!

Children who play a musical instrument are exposed to numerous benefits of musical education. Among other impressive feats, children who learn to play a musical instrument display better social skills and improved language competence. They also score better on math tests than children who don’t receive any or little musical education. But the positive effects on music are visible in adults as well. After comparing results, studies performed by scientists, experts and musicians alike show that playing musical instruments can boost morale and productivity, reduce stress, improve time-management and be beneficial in
other ways. To sum it up, musical education is important for children and adults. Whether it’s guitar, drums or piano, learning a musical instrument can help you become better in all areas of life. The team at Net Sounds Music created this infographic with 21 of them.