How Can You Support the Local Music Scene?

18th December 2017
How Can You Support the Local Music Scene?

Due to the internet, it might be hard for local artists to shine through the many international stars. So in this day and age, supporting your local music scene is more important than ever. There are several simple ways that you can show your support and help local talent in your area and we’ve listed them below!

Inform and educate yourself

Familiarise yourself with local artists, venues and events. Join and like any Facebook groups or pages of local bands and artists and be sure to keep yourself updated with their activities. Through these social media accounts, you’ll often find a whole community of people who support local talent and also find other local musicians who support each other.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should donate lots of money towards the local music scene. Almost as important as money, try to donate time and effort to support the artists. When attending a local show, why not offer to help set-up or tear down the venue? Volunteer at any local music festivals and other similar events. Offer to promote your favourite bands events by sharing posts on social media or hanging up posters in popular areas.

Encourage future musicians

By exposing children to a variety of music at a young age, you can help them develop better musical skills in the future. Encourage children to pick up instruments or sing at a young age.

This also refers to any friends you might have who are interested in entering the music scene. Encourage them to practice, give them constructive criticism and help them get a following as they just start out.

Spread the word

If you’re already a local music fan, tell your friends and family about them! If you know of a band that sounds a lot like bands that your friends and family are familiar with, encourage them to listen to them and attend their next event.

Attend events regularly

Although it’s not a necessity to go to each show every night of the week, try to go to maybe 1-3 shows per month. Besides being a way to support local artists, attending shows can help you break up your hectic schedule.

Supporting local music scene is as easy as that! It doesn’t take much time or effort, it’s a lot of fun and can land you many new friends and experiences.

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