5 Reasons to Start Learning an Instrument Today

27th April 2017
5 Reasons to Start Learning an Instrument Today

Many people grow up and spend their lives wishing they could play an instrument, thinking that it’s too late to start. Even though children do tend to pick things up a bit faster, it’s never too late! Here are 5 perfectly good reasons to start learning an instrument today:

It’s good for your health
Playing music can act as a form of therapy as it has calming effects on the mind and body, and has even been found to lower blood-pressure levels. Studies have also shown that music therapy can help people of all ages who suffer from insomnia, depression, and Attention Deficit Disorder. In addition, with certain instruments such as the drums, playing an instrument could also serve as a form of exercise – and who wouldn’t choose music over an hour on a treadmill?

It encourages self-discipline
Learning an instrument doesn’t happen overnight; it requires lots of time, dedication, and effort. In order to progress, you must therefore be patient, stay focused, and persevere, keeping your goals in mind. These are all important skills that will come in handy in your every-day life, so why not acquire them while also having fun and being creative?

It can boost your confidence
Making the decision to start learning an instrument and taking on the challenge can help to build and boost your confidence. Whether you choose to go for lessons or learn by yourself, the realisation that you are able to do something well and progress successfully is a natural confidence enhancer. While you may prefer to keep your newfound talent to yourself, there is always the option of participating in concerts, gigs, and competitions, and perhaps even forming a band with musical friends.

It gets your brain working
Statistics show that musicians perform better on cognitive tasks than non-musical people do. Whether you start out young or in your adult years, playing an instrument helps to train areas of your brain such as those that control your hearing, memory, and hand movement and coordination, among others. These effects are long-lasting, and the more years you spend playing your instrument, the longer these benefits will last.

It’s good ol’ fun
From the exciting moment when you first pick up your new instrument to the thrilling feeling when you finally manage to play your favourite songs and riffs, and perhaps even creating your own music, playing and learning an instrument is great fun! Music is an automatic mood-lifter and a fantastic way to bring people together, so go on and get started.

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