5 Incredible Music Facts That You Might Not Have Known

3rd July 2017

It’s safe to say that everyone loves music and the way it makes them feel. As stated in a famous Hans Christian Andersen quote, “where words fail, music speaks”, which goes to show just how powerful it is. At Olimpus, we have a great passion for all things music (we can’t live without it actually), so we thought we’d list a few interesting music facts that might be news to you:

Music has healing powers

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Research has shown that music actually has healing abilities, which can be seen in both physical as well as mental circumstances. Music therapy is a very popular form of therapy that is used for people who suffer from mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia, as well as physical conditions such as a fast heart rate, low cortisol levels, and chronic pain.

When music gives you chills…

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Do you ever get chills when listening to music? In that case, you are actually getting what is called “musical frisson”. The word “frisson” means “shiver” in French, and it is an overwhelming emotional response… but how does this actually happen?

A chemical called dopamine

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Do you ever wonder how or why your body hair rises and you get goose-bumps when you hear a beautiful harmony or piece of music? The reason this happens is your body’s response to a fight or flight situation, but interestingly this is also caused by a feeling of euphoria. When listening to music your brain releases a chemical called dopamine – the feel-good chemical – and causes your hairs to rise.

Listening to music can help you work out faster

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Headphones at the gym aren’t just an excuse not to socialise with fellow gym goers. When walking, running, or working out, listening to music can help to increase your speed and thus enhance your workout, giving you more results in a shorter time. It can also help to increase your energy as well as your motivation, making your workout not only more impactful, but also more enjoyable. Plus, it keeps you in rhythm… Just don’t try to match the BPM with your heart rate!

Playing an instrument can make you smarter

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Several studies have shown that playing an instrument can have several mental (as well as social) benefits which include a higher IQ, improved concentration, boosted self-esteem, better memory, enhanced coordination, and much more. E = More Music Please2!

And there are 5 of our favourite music facts which make us love music even more! If you found this interesting, be sure to follow us on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for more awesome updates.

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