5 Artists You Either Love or Hate

6th November 2017

Whilst you may simply ‘like’ some artists, you might ‘love’ a few and ‘hate’ a few others. Everyone has those certain bands and musicians that distinctly tuck themselves into the categories of ‘love’ or ‘hatred’-there’s no in between.
What follows is a rundown of 5 artists you either utterly adore or totally detest.

1. Coldplay

Coldplay’s overall sound really gets people going. It’s something about the stadium-ready rock and Chris Martin’s twinkly-eyed, Bono-esque intensity that drives people mad trying to determine whether they love or hate this group.

2. U2

Year after year, the crowds flock to see this band play. However, if you’re not someone who un-derstands the appeal that U2 bring to their increasingly complicated stages, then you never will. Even their most loved album, The Joshua Tree, received extremely mixed reviews.

3. Death Grips

In the recent years, few acts have divided music fans more than Death Grips. This crew does hip-hop like no other-sounding like the end of the world is about three minutes away, leaving enough time for them to wreck the minds of anyone who’ll listen. Death Grips are also famous (or infa-mous) for putting penises on their album covers.

4. Radiohead

The more experimental Radiohead becomes, the more people like them. Fans of Radiohead hear something in Thom Yorke’s moaning and rambling compositions that some people simply can’t un-derstand. There’s a big difference between understanding Radiohead’s role in society and sitting through their albums.

5. Kanye West

If Thom Yorke thinks he’s got it rough being a visionary, then he should walk a mile in Yeezy’s shoes. Kanye West makes an effort to be different and an outsider, despite how many records he sells. As much as West likes to play the victim, releasing songs like ‘I Am a God’ forces listening to choose sides.

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